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Itecho Health is a young, dynamic company established to develop digital health applications in chronic (long-term) disease, in recognition of the rapidly expanding market opportunities in this sector. It is led by clinicians and experts in technology and business and has ambitious plans to harness the increasing demand for innovative digital health solutions to capacity and quality issues in healthcare systems and establish itself as a UK leader in this sector, with international outreach.
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What is Ascelus™

Ascelus™ is a fully integrated app and web portal with machine learning interconnected with existing hospital IT systems to improve management of long term conditions.
• More convenient  • Eliminates duplicate tests  • Promotes normalisation of lives
• Reduced risk of missing progression to myeloma (in MGUS example)

• Same or better quality  • Reduced cost of face-to-face appointments

• Free up capacity to allow clinicians to concentrate on complex patients
• Incorporation of management algorithms  • Linkage between specialties

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