Patients, Hospitals & commissioners

Core application allows configuration to particular hospital requirement. 
This web application is hosted securely on Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud (UK) 
consistent with NHS digital guidelines

Hospitals & commissioners

Clinician web portal ‘virtual clinic’ significantly reduced time
Data from symptom checker and blood results reviewed with AI algorithms to improve clinical management decisions (including need for face to face appointment)
Implementation - site visit and assessment by team; set up; training and standard operating procedures and implementation toolkit
Modeling – projecting use/ applicability/ and impact of service re-design (potential cost savings)
Evaluation Toolkit (activity and finance, clinical outcome and patient satisfaction)


Patient/clinician user application
Fully integrated with existing hospital IT system and with trusted clinical team
Patients have blood taken/other monitoring at their convenience locally (e.g. at their GP)
Clinical advice, medication details and blood results ‘pushed to app’
Appointments if necessary can be booked through the app
Patient identifiable information encrypted and fully compliant with data protection act 2018 GDPR+D
Patients enter information on symptom checker. For some diseases link via IOT to a wearable to obtain biophysical measurements

Clinical User Application

The Clinical User Application represents the software and associated interfaces that Clinical Users interact with. Reporting on patients and number of visits, proactive alerts on patients needing urgent attention will be available on a dashboard.
Integration framework to connect with NHS trust systems securely to get the data using API (Application Programming Interface).

The API Adapter is a site-specific service provided by the Web Application that provides the necessary interface with local clinical and demographic systems, via their respective APIs. This frame work also allows the core platform to access data from Internet of things enabled (IoT) devices like wearable health trackers, blood test monitors to get access to more health related data for the patient.
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Mobile Patient User Application
and messaging service

The patient can interact with any mobile device. The Messaging Service represents the Cloud Service used to relay messages securely from the Clinical User Application to the Patient User Application.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Module

All the data collected from the patients and historic data shared by the trusts with patient consent will be used to learn more information related to the chronic disease supporting patient management. This module will also intervene and alert the hospital when a high risk patient has contacted the hospital as recommended to help avoid patients falling through the net. Over time we will learn much more about the patients and the progression of the disease to support best care.
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