The vision of Itecho is to use its experience with AscelusTM to achieve a rapid but rigorous digital solution to the current problem of routine monitoring of patients with long-term conditions, without them facing the risk of hospital attendance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, during the pandemic, remote communication is often ad hoc by telephone, , which is time consuming for hospital staff, may not be reliable or totally safe and is inefficient.  

AscelusLiteTM with provides a simplified, generic (for any long-term condition) adaptation to the platform, to provide secure digital communication between hospital-based healthcare professionals and patients, using their smart phone or other device. Patients will be able to enter data on their symptoms and other required information which will then be securely transmitted via AscelusLiteTM to their medical team, who will also have blood results separately sent to the hospital system. The medical team can then generate, securely via AscelusLiteTM, a patient response which reassures that all is well (most cases), or initiate telephone or video-conference appointments (via the platform) if required. The main areas of focus for the validation of the new platform will be haematological, renal, liver, certain cancer conditions and rheumatology, where Itecho already has strong collaborative arrangements with NHS partners in London, Leeds and Sheffield.  

Itecho Health is currently urgently seeking funding to rapidly support development of AscelusLiteTM  

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