COVID-19 Hospital Tracker 

A free to use hospital tracker for admitted coronavirus patients is available to NHS and public hospitals around the world.  Core functions of the application include device integration (e.g. ventilators), patient tracking, symptoms and signs, nursing observations, blood results and radiology summary, core ventilation status, secure staff log-in for multiple users, secondary user summaries, and discharge status. 
It will allow: 

  1. Tracking of real time bed-side monitoring of patients with coronavirus in the hospital 
  1. Collation of data for secondary users to monitor patient movements and trends within the hospital 

The tracker will be implemented within our Ascelus platform and for use with mobile phone/tablet devices via a downloaded application. The application will work whilst staff use PPE and is GDPR compliant and data encrypted for optimal security. 

Our COVID-19 hospital tracker will be free to use for all medical and nursing staff. Please get in touch with___for further information. 

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