Itecho at Hett 2021

28th September 2021

Everyone living with a long-term condition can realise the benefits of digital health​

Itechohealth has developed a digital platform, Ascelus , a leading platform for digital monitoring and management of long-term conditions​

  • There are 120m people with long term conditions in EU/UK and growing annually​
  • Healthcare budgets and capacity cannot keep pace with increased demand​ 
  • COVID-19​ led to worse ever waiting times​
  • More efficient, productive and economic models needed​
  • Pandemic and policy context provides opportunity of  accelerated adoption 

Issues faced by Commissioners/payer​ and hospitals 

  • Increasing proportion of budget is spent on Long term conditions. As per the 3rd Edition of Long-term conditions compendium of Information published by Public health Treatment and care for people with long-term conditions is estimated to take up around £7 in every £10 of total health and social care expenditure 
  • Costs rising faster than growth of budgets
  • Outpatients running at capacity​
  • Shortage of key staff​
  • Insufficient time for complex patients

Issues faced by Patients

  • Frequent hospital appointments, many routine check-ups need not be face-to-face​
  • Concerns around vulnerable patients attending hospital during COVID-19

The solution from Itechohealth 

  • AscelusTM digital platform with patient and clinician user applications fully integrated with existing hospital and primary care IT ​
  • ​Patients can record symptoms, receive clinical advice, test results and information on medication and book appointments via their device​
  • Clinicians conduct ‘virtual clinics’ through clinician-user application: reviewing patients’ symptoms and pathology pulled through from hospital IT system ​
  • Current implementations on MGUS, CLL, Myelodysplasia, Haemachromatosis,  iron deficiency anemia, Walstrom macroglobinaemia, Sickle cell disease and  prostate cancer​ 

  • Enterprise SaaS - per patient​ subscription business model​

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