The problem 

The NHS is coming under increasing pressure due to the impact of coronavirus and it is predicted that this pressure will continue for many months ahead. This strain will be manifest due to increasing number of patients attending with moderate symptoms from the virus and increased number of patients who become critically ill and require intensive support including ventilation. Elective procedures have been cancelled since the start of April and it has become increasingly difficult to provide the normal levels of care for patients with long-term conditions. The impact of the virus on frontline staff is compounding this with a proportion of staff already self-isolating at home and some staff themselves becoming severely affected.  

Patients with long-term conditions are particularly vulnerable to the disease and many have been categorised as high risk (following advice released on 18th March 2020) and requested to self-isolate and reduce social contact. Continuing to monitor these patients safely whilst protecting them from the virus poses a great challenge.  

Telephone and video consultations with patients provide only part of the solution – they are inefficient, and it is difficult for clinical staff to have all the information they need to hand.  

Our response 

Itecho Health is assisting in the current efforts to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and reduce the burden on our NHS. 

We are focusing on patients with long term (chronic) conditions and individuals who are most vulnerable.  
We are currently developing our existing platform to provide bespoke support for monitoring the following conditions: 

  • Haematological diseases – in partnership with University of Leeds, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Myeloma UK 
  • Cancer patients on immunotherapy treatment (lung cancer and renal cancer) - in partnership with the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Prostate cancer – in partnership with University of Leeds, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, University of Sheffield, and Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Trust 
  • Chronic Renal failure - in partnership with University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Chronic Liver failure 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis  

We are currently seeking further collaborations with healthcare partners, academic institutions and charitable organisations to help support these projects and potentially work in other disease areas. 

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